Full Throttle Magazine is an actual hardcopy publication that focuses on local race coverage in eastern and central Wisconsin. It is not a results-oriented publication, because, as we all know, results from area tracks are usually posted online the same night as its race program. Instead, Full Throttle will include driver profiles and feature stories about issues concerning local racing. It will also include profiles of retired drivers, and other information not readily available to race fans. It will focus on local racing in eastern and central Wisconsin, but will also include tidbits of information about racing from throughout Wisconsin.


The purpose of Full Throttle is to provide local race tracks and the businesses that support them, a platform to reach race fans. This will increase exposure for the tracks, the drivers, and the businesses that support these tracks and drivers. This will be accomplished by providing the important information race fans need to know about local stock car racing, allowing race fans to plan their racing trips accordingly.


Full Throttle is a free publication with four issues scheduled for 2015. It will be distributed at select asphalt and dirt tracks in eastern and central Wisconsin. It will also be racked at select locations in eastern and central Wisconsin.


For those who would rather have the magazine delivered to their residence, for only $11.95 you can have the magazine delivered through the mail. Click on the “Subscription” tab at the top of this web page for more information.


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